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The main reasons men are attracted to boobs

Have you ever wondered why men are simply obsessed with big boobs? Well, there are actually many reasons for that. Here’s a few of them:

We love how they look

It’s true that no matter if we’re talking about the biggest tits or maybe regular sized boobs, men are fascinated by either size. After all, no matter the size, they’re still boobs and given the fact they’re so soft and smooth to the touch is enough to make any man go crazy over them.

We love watching them dance

Seeing a pair of nice big boobs jiggling is quite a sight. The way they bounce when you jump, the way they bobble as you walk and the way they shake when you move commands a lot of attention. Is there anything more exciting than that? We don’t think so.

We love using them as pillows

biggest titsYou certainly had a boyfriend or more in the past that loved to simply put his head on your chest. What’s great about having big boobs in this case is that they can provide a lot of cushioning for our head and are therefore ideal to sleep on. In fact, most guys I know say that after they sleep on a woman’s breasts, they feel rejuvenated and ready to face any challenge. As a man, I can surely attest to that!

We love how they make us feel great

Overall, there’s no denial that no matter how upset or stressed you may be, a pair of boobs can make your day. There’s something special about them, something that us men are attracted by and it’s that very mystery of boobs that makes us always come back for more!